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"Remember waiting for the bus on the first day of school? Wondering when it would arrive and what it would be like to ride on the big kids' bus? This book is a testament to the older sibling who waited with you, held your hand and answered all of your irritating questions. Tess and Gus are waiting at the bus stop. A taxi, a tow truck, a fire engine and an ice-cream truck all drive by the bus stop before the bus finally arrives to take them to the first day of school. With each vehicle, Tess asks "Is this the bus for us?" Gus patiently says no and explains why it is not the bus. The illustrations show each vehicle and Gus and Tess waiting while several other kids gather to wait for the bus as well. The repetitive nature will make it comfortable for young children to listen to, and the topic is one that pre-school age children will find delightful."

--Reviewer: Danielle Williams


"PreS-Gr 1-Though the bright watercolors spread against crisp white backgrounds are eye-catching, what really draws children into this book is the repetitive chorus, "Is this the bus for us, Gus?" as the front part of a different vehicle is introduced on every other full-page spread. An older child, growing ever exasperated, kindly explains, "No, Tess. This is a-" (taxi, tow truck, backhoe, etc.). There are other treats for the book's viewers, too. Another child joins the line with every turn of the page and some youngsters will notice that the words "bus stop" occasionally become jumbled. Many readers will enjoy the unspoken story as the newly arrived children and their possessions begin to intermingle. Though the story is deceptively simple, teachers will be able to think of dozens of ways to share this book with preschool and beginning-reader audiences."

--Thomas Pitchford, Rosenthal Elementary, Alexandria, LA


"An everyday occurrence is transformed into a special, silly event in a story that is both clever and sweet."

--Booklist, starred review


"Encourages beginning readers to go it alone, but will also work well as a read-aloud. . . . You'll definitely want to get on board this bus!"

--Library Media Connection


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