Contributing Writers

Each year, since the inception of the PA One Book Every Young Child project, the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh has been responsible for the activity guide that accompanies the trunks that travel to libraries throughout the Commonwealth. This year all of the activities and resources for The Bus for Us by Suzanne Bloom will be found on the official website to be downloaded for your use. Every year different experts in the field of early childhood, library science, or the particular content area suggested by the chosen book have been asked to contribute insightful, thoughtful articles that can help you, the librarian, educator or parent, gain greater insight to help you interact more meaningfully with young children. This year we have focused on school readiness and have been inspired by these writers, their ideas and their work with children. We hope that you will be too. This year's contributing writers include:


  • Melissa Butler, a public school kindergarten teacher who is currently "Teacher in Residence" at the Children's Museum working in collaboration with the Create Lab at Carnegie Mellon University;
  • Dr. Junlei Li, principal research scientist at the Fred Rogers Center and a senior fellow at the University of Pittsburgh's Office of Children Development who has worked with the Children's Museum and the Fred Rogers Company to develop greater "persistence in learning" by young children in the context of their families; and
  • Brad Simala, elementary principal in the Elizabeth Forward School District, who is on a county-wide task force to create greater school readiness for pre-school children.
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